Rizos Curls Scalp Massage Brush- Curl Care

Rizos Curls Scalp Massage Brush

Rizos Curls
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Rizos Curls Scalp Massage Brush is a dream for using in the shower to gently remove buildup, stimulate the scalp and for an overall relaxing experience! It helps access the scalp to gently massage it while applying your favorite wash products in the shower. Supports a healthy scalp & hair.  For All Hair Types. 

For: Using While Washing Scalp, Removing Buildup, Stimulating Scalp & Hair Follicles, Scalp Massage, Relaxing Experience

  • Helps Remove Buildup
  • Great for using in the shower while applying our Hydrating Shampoo, Detox Scalp Scrub or ACV Rinse
  • Stimulates Scalp & Hair Follicles
  • Helps to decongest clogged pores
  • Helps Stimulate Healthy Blood Flow
  • Supports a Healthy Scalp & Hair
  • Improves Circulation & Reduces Stress!
  • Gently Massages Scalp for Deep Relaxation
  • For All Hair Types


  • Made of Ultra-Soft, Comfortable & Durable Silicone
  • Easy-to-Hold Plastic Handle that Fits into your Hand
  • Pink Color
  • Hot Pink Rizos Curls logo
  • 3 ¾” length, 3 ¼” width, 2 ¾” height