Curl Keeper Kinder Curls Travel Pack- Curl Care

Curl Keeper Kinder Curls Travel Pack

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Curl Keeper Kinder Curls Travel Pack is all your child needs for happy, healthy curls.  Three gentle kid's products designed to detangle, define, and soften curly hair.  Perfect for Travel, swim, camp, and more!


  • Magic Mist™ Detangler 100ml- 30 seconds to Knot-free hair
  • Super Curls™ Styler 100ml- Defines and adds shine
  • Creamy Curls™ Hair Moisturizer 100ml- Great for dry curls


Magic Mist DetanglerFor use on wet hair. Spray Magic Mist Detangler™ all over hair, paying special attention to areas where there are tangles. Wait 30 seconds and begin detangling from ends to roots using a brush or comb. Do not rinse

Super Curls™ Styler - For use on wet hair. Distribute a generous amount of Super Curls and brush or "rake"  from roots to ends and style as desired.  Allow hair to dry.  For softer curls, scrunch hair after Super Curls has dried. Can be used with or without Creamy Curls.  BONUS: Super Curls re-activates with water, so simply mist curls with a spray bottle for many days of perfect and healthy curls!

Creamy Curls™ Hair Moisturizer- For use on wet hair. After hair has been detangled, distribute a generous amount of Creamy Curls™ evenly from roots to ends. Style with comb, brush, or fingers and let dry. Can be used alone or with Super Curls™ for extra hold and definition.

For the latest ingredients information, please review the ingredient list printed on the packaging of the product prior to use.


X3 100ml Bottles