Bounce Curl Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet

Bounce Curl Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet

Bounce Curl
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Bounce Curl Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet is an effortlessly chic accessory that combines style and comfort. Crafted from a luxurious, cruelty-free material that emulates the silky texture you adore, this silky-feeling hair bonnet boasts an innovative adjustable band for a customized fit.

Designed to cater to head sizes ranging from XS to XL, it offers a lightweight, headache-free experience. Elevate your hair care routine with the elegant charm and personalized comfort of Bounce Curl's Satin Adjustable Hair Bonnet.

Hair texture: Fine, medium, & coarse. 

Hair pattern: Wavy, curly, & coily. 


  • Custom Pattern: Enjoy the unique beauty of Bounce Curl Satin, featuring a stunning design by a Moroccan artist.
  • Reversible Design: Enjoy two colors in one with this versatile hair bonnet.
  • Silk-Like Softness: Crafted from a vegan-friendly, silk-feel material for luxurious comfort.
  • Adjustable Bonnet Fit: The flexible band ensures a personalized, headache-free fit for XS to XL heads.
  • A comfortable hair bonnet that protects your hair.